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Taproom and brewery 

Small batch, boutique brewery.  12 beers on tap in an eclectic tap room. Or, enjoy in our new outdoor beer garden and patio!
Awesome beers, cozy space, friendly staff, and always a great crowd.

(847) 227-9790


Mon: closed
Tues: closed
Wed: 3 -10pm
Thurs: 3 - 10pm
Fri: noon - 11pm
Sat: noon - 11pm
Sun: noon - 7pm


Yes! Serving delicious hand made pizzas from Giuseppes. We can also whip you up a warm bavarian pretzel with mustard or Belgian beer cheese.

Beer to go

Crowlers available now. Any of our tap beers are available. Order online and schedule your pickup! Prices vary by beer style.


260 Howard Ave,
Des Plaines, IL 60018

Phone: (847) 227-9790

Wine & Spirits

We have a limited selection of wines and spirits for our non-beer drinking friends!


Hand picked selection of the finest local artists. Check the calendar for more info.


Be sure to check out our ever expanding line of fibs gear.

Children and pets1 are always welcome. Any time of day, or night. Hey, who are we to judge your parental skills? I mean, sometimes the need for great beer is simply the overriding factor. Am I right?

1 Friendly doggos only please. (Doesn't it seem weird that we even need to say this?)

Time to start thinking about FibFest again...
It's our 5 year, it's gonna be big!


FibFest 5... Our Outdoor Live Music Two Day Festival

Come celebrate with us at our 2 day outdoor festival of indulgence. It’s always a monster party! And since it’s year 5, we’ve pulled out all the stops!

MORE MUSIC from some of Chicago’s finest, and... it’s ALL UNDER THE BIG TENT this year! So rain or shine, the party will rock on!


Don’t forget, this is our once a year, beer release of the famous Watermelon Juggling Ranchero (tastes exactly like drinking a watermelon Jolly Rancher*)

All the info is on FibFest.com

*Use of the words Jolly Rancher does not imply or suggest sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation by the marks owner The Hershey Corporation.
  • Yelp Top 25

  • Come on out and see what all the hub bub is about. It's a great honor to be ranked in the top 25 places to drink in ALL of Chicago's North Shore.

    Tons of great beer always on tap, plus specialty craft drinks, and for you true Chicagoan's... we have plenty of chilled Malort.

    If you're hungry, we'll cook you up a tasty, hot pizza or Bavarian pretzle with our scratch made beer cheese.

    See you soon fibheads!

Beer To-go!

Crowlers Available for Immediate Pickup
Buy online and schedule your pickup!
Enjoy fibs in the comfort of your own home.
  • Fibs Crowlers

    Fibs 32oz Crowlers Available

All fibs beer on tap available to-go in 32oz Crowlers

If you can't enjoy fibs beer AT the brewery, grab one (or two) to go! All tap beers are ready to-go on your command. We'd love to see your smiling faces again, but if you want to chill on your couch, we're cool with that!

Our crowler machine is in full swing! Order online and schedule your pickup time. We’ll have it ready for you when you arrive! No fuss, no muss. Just great fibs beer in the comfort of your own home! Hell, if you call when you arrive, we’ll even run it out to you. What could be better than that… any of our beers on tap delivered right to your car door!

Pick up times are:
Wednesday 3-10pm
Thursday 3-10pm
Friday noon-11pm
Saturday noon-11pm
Sunday noon-7pm

Buy Online and Pickup at Fibs

  • This place is super cool- if you're looking for a smaller, unique place with great beer, this is the place for you. We will definitely be coming back to make our way through the beer list.
    Melissa K.
    Downers Grove, IL
  • Really good beer. I go to a new brewery a few times a month but this one is worth repeating! We tried 11 different beers and all of them were top notch.
    Mike M.
    Chicago, IL
  • This was an absolute wonderful find! The people there are great, the beers were delicious and music was fantastic! I'll be going back for sure and will be telling anyone who will listen they got to go too!
    Ginger M.
    Park Ridge, IL
  • Great new brewery in Des Plaines. It's located in an industrial area (natch). Easy parking and a great vibe once you enter. Outstanding! Highly recommended.
    Barry F.
    Chicago, IL
  • Great beer and a such a nice change of pace in DP. Very nice hidden gem. Friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere.
    Ken A.
    Chandler, AZ

Fibs beers

If it's listed here... it's on tap!
Break Oil
Clean, crisp, refreshing. Everyone needs a break. And this is the perfect beer to "lube up" after a hard day of yard work... or, after a hard day of watching someone else do your yard work. No judgement here. Also goes great with a lime.    (6.2% abv)
Crowlers available to go
The Throw Down
Hazy Juicy IPA
Classic smooth drinking hazy east coast IPA with enough pineapple and grapefruit to make you long for lazy summer days on the beach. Sitting in the shade of course, cause the sun is just too flipping hot these days. Enjoy.    (7% abv)
Crowlers available to go
8 Legged Octopus
Apple Ale
Crisp, clean, and bubbly. Illinois country apples harvested at peak freshness. Squeezed right into the fermenter to turn you into a giggling goose.    (8.8% abv)
Crowlers available to go
A Question of Madness
Imperial Ale
A smooth malt forward ale with a hint of smoldering toastiness. Slightly dry on the palate with a sweet finish. Yeah baby.    (7.9% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Hard Seltzer
All I can say is yummmmmmmy. Creamy, light and delicious. Literally melts in yo’ mouth... like a creamsicle. Typically served with an orange slice.    (5.9% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Dead Goldfish
Pale Ale
A classic Illinois common. Like a cool summer breeze on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Easy drinkin with a pinch of hops.    (6.6% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Fib Cage
The perfect beer to enjoy on a warm summer day just chillin’ with your crew in the fib cage. Cool, refreshing, and dare I say revitalizing? Need an in-betweener? Try this textbook session beer.    (5.4% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Jesus Rosie!
Scotch Ale
This damn Wee Heavy is so good it will make a saint out of a sinner! Earthy malt greatness with a hint of smoky oak. Balanced and smooth!    (7.4% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Ode to Francis Wuppermann
Belgian Tripel
A magnificent Belgian Ale. A caramel toffee flash followed by a floral and peppery finish. This is certainly one you’ll remember, well, at 9% you will love it, but you might not remember. Time to liquidate the witch!    (9% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Double IPA
A double IPA, generously hopped, but with a focus on the nose. Perfectly balanced. This is a close as you’re going to get to drinking a flower infused with earthy sweetness.    (8.1% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Salted Caramel Crumble
Hard Seltzer
Salted Caramel... say no more!    (6.1% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Strawberry Cheesecake
Hard Seltzer
Light, fluffy... strawberry cheesecake in a glass. Wow, is it good. What more is there to say?    (5.9% abv)
Crowlers available to go
Two Ton Bonnet
Russian Imperial Stout
Velvet dipped in moonlight. This captivating extravaganza is banned on all other planets! But here on earth, it’s our privilege and pleasure to serve you this raspberry infused indulgence. It’s happy dance time!    (11% abv)
Crowlers available to go

Events & Activities

We are planning some really cool things for the upcoming year. They will all be posted here once we have our shit together.

The Adventures of Fibby McFibFace
The Shopping Smoosh

A Day in the Life at Fibs Brewing Company

Looking for an awesome space to hold your corporate event or private party? Well, look no further... our tap room is so ecletic and comfy, you won't want to ever leave!

We'll even open on off nights if that's what works for you. Call us at (847) 227-9790

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About Fibs

Great craft beer, awesome taproom, great people

Phone: (847) 227-9790

260 Howard Ave,
Des Plaines, IL 60018

Email: ilovebeer@fibsbrewing.com